Our Commitment to Social Change

Our Commitment to Social Change

MINNEAPOLIS - April 21, 2021

The tragic and senseless events of the past year, including the death of George Floyd, Daunte Wright, and countless others, have amplified the calls for racial justice and meaningful social change, both locally and around the world. While a guilty verdict brings accountability for the life taken less than a year ago, this is just the beginning of an opportunity for wide-spread, systemic change. 

Today, the world moves a step forward, but we realize there is much work still to be done. For real change, we must continue listening and learning to better understand how to move forward in our pursuit of equity and justice for all people. Talking is a great start – but action is what is needed. 

We continue to stand firm against racism, violence and intolerance of any kind, and we remain committed to aggressively continuing our 80-plus-year global fight for social justice, human rights, diversity, equity and inclusion. Specifically in Minnesota, Carlson is a member in the Minnesota Business Coalition for Racial Equity, with active participation from our businesses in the policy, philanthropy, and workplace pillars focused on eliminating racial disparities. We are also committed to financially supporting our BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color) community through education and travel and tourism-related grants.

We know change cannot come quickly enough, but we have hope that change is upon us. In the days and weeks ahead, take the time to listen to each other with open minds and open hearts – and then commit to taking action. This is a journey that has just begun, but only together can we work as one towards a more just and peaceful future. 

Rick Gage
Chair, Carlson

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