20:20 Vision of 1to1 2020

Minneapolis, MN | May 05, 2008

With its crystal ball in the shop for repairs, 1to1 Media did the next best thing to determine what marketing will look like 12 years from now: it fielded research among 150 marketing executives for their insights of the future. 1to1 Media is the publishing arm of Peppers & Rogers Group, a division of Carlson Marketing.

The research broadly determined that across all four components of the 1to1 marketing framework - Identify, Differentiate, Interact, Customize - developed by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., founders of Peppers & Rogers Group, the degree of "radical change" will be high (noted by more than half of respondents).


Most respondents (80 percent or more) agree there will be moderate to high levels of positive change occurring within the capabilities that enable one-to-one touch points. This is true, despite the increasing appearance of "fog" on the 1to1 horizon such as governmental regulations that impact privacy, the deluge of messaging from multiple channels, or the scarce resource of attention.

In addition the research led to several notable perceptions of 1to1 marketing in 2020:

1. Challenges remain, opportunities abound. Relevant customer dialog is the area with the lowest level of positive change, but it will be driven by moderate to high levels of change in understanding both customer value and customer needs. Capturing and sharing customer information will experience high levels of positive change. Leveraging and coordinating these insights will improve the customer experience.

2. Marketers are out of control, customers are taking control. Eighty-two percent agreed that control is shifting from marketers to customers and, as a result, customer collaboration will assume enhanced importance by 2020.

3. Relationships trump products.Seventy-eight percent agreed that the future of marketing will be based on building authentic relationships more so than the development of new, exciting products. As one respondent wisely stated, "A product can be duplicated, but a relationship can't."

4. Trust is paramount.Overwhelmingly responders agreed (84 percent) that "building customer trust will become marketing's primary objective." Historically, the primary objective of marketing has been promoting sales. This shift in mindset suggests that marketers are more fully recognizing that a message can't influence customer behavior if the messenger isn't trusted. Consequently, marketers will play a key role in creating and nurturing customer trust.

If these predictions are accurate, then the "birthday" of the 1to1 Future, the original concept for 1to1 marketing and the book written 15 years ago by Peppers and Rogers, may be January 1, 2020.

According to Jack Sundstrom, director of research for Carlson Marketing, the 1to1 concept will become more significant in the years to come. "Organizations that plan on the groundwork of 1to1 will have the 'early mover' advantage, possibly building a sustainable competitive advantage."

Based on the research and other trends, he predicts that 1to1-enabling capabilities will change greatly in the coming years. Consequently, those organizations that are behind now, in the absence of action, will fall even further behind, and possibly reach a level where they won't be able to recover. Keeping up will require constant diligence to new developments for the future to happen within each individual organization.

"There are three kinds of 1to1 marketers in this world," concluded Sundstrom, "those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. This research shows that changes in marketing effectiveness by 2020 will be driven by changes in 1to1-enabling capabilities. Make it happen, watch it happen, or wonder what happened. It's your choice; choose wisely."

The report is available from 1to1 Media as a free download at http://www.1to1media.com/downloads/2020_survey_report.pdf.

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