Carlson World Headquarters
701 Carlson Parkway
Minnetonka, MN 55305 Operator: +1 (763) 212-5000

From Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport

  • Exit the airport and take 494 West
  • Follow 494 West to 394 West
  • Exit on 394 West and follow the Carlson Parkway/Linner Road exit immediately to
    your right (exit 20)

From downtown Minneapolis

  • Follow 394 West out of downtown
  • Exit on Carlson Parkway/Linner Road
    (same exit ramp as 494)

To park

  • Proceed straight through the stoplight and follow the winding road into the Carlson parking ramp to the left
  • Park anywhere, there are visitor parking spaces on each level
  • Take the elevator to Level C, proceed right from the garage entrance to reach the concierge desk
  • Turn right at the concierge desk and right at the rotunda. Enter through the glass double doors into the 701 tower
  • A receptionist will assist you

To drop off or pick up passengers only

  • Once you exit on Carlson Parkway/Linner Road take a left at the stoplight
  • Take the next right-hand turn
  • Proceed straight until you reach the statue and circular drive in front of the building
  • Pull up in front of the double glass doors